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Who We Are

Unparalleled Experience

In order to develop truly innovative solutions for the world’s most challenging problems, you must hire and retain the most skilled and creative professionals from around the world. I-DEV has assembled an unparalleled team of experts in social entrepreneurship and development. Every member of the I-DEV team has experience in both the business  and development sectors. Our team has a depth of knowledge and experience in countries around the world, from Pakistan to Peru, China to Malawi. We are as comfortable in the boardroom as we are in a small village in rural India.


Jason Spindler
Managing Director; Latin America Director

Jason Spindler leads I-DEV’s global team. Jason has over a decade of experience in finance, venture capital investing, business management and industry development in both traditional businesses and at the base of the pyramid. He has been recognized as a leader in the impact investing & social entrepreneurship  sectors, is the Co-Chair of the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Capacity Development Organizations Group and is a recipient of the prestigious Reynolds Fellowship for Social Innovation and the Helton Global Human Rights  Fellowship for his innovative work in sustainable economic development and BoP business creation. Jason has advised Ashoka, Acumen Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank and GiZ and many other organizations on BoP business initiatives worldwide. He is regularly invited to speak at leading conferences and academic institutions worldwide on impact investing, BoP SME creation, and MNC engagement with the BoP.

Prior to launching I-DEV International, Jason worked at Citigroup in their global capital markets group and AlixPartners, a major corporate restructuring firm, before serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Business Development Volunteer. Jason has a Juris Doctorate from New York University, with a specialization in Impact Investing, Rule of Law Development and Social Entrepreneurship. He also studied South Asian Economic Development policy at the National University of Singapore’s International Law Program. He received his B.A. in International Finance & International Development Economics from University of Texas-Austin.

Patricia Chin-Sweeney
Africa Director

In addition to managing I-DEV’s Africa office in Nairobi, Patricia manages I-DEV’s Insight services, providing strategy advice to social enterprises, BoP businesses and development organizations on opportunities for business & operations improvement, new market entry and innovation. Patricia has consulted on market-based economic development and social enterprise throughout Latin America and Africa and helped build and grow multiple million dollar plus BoP/ SE businesses. She has spoken at leading industry conferences including the Social Capital Markets Conference in San Francisco on best practices in conservation development, as well as on BoP business challenges and opportunities in water & sanitation, energy and other sectors.

Prior to joining I-DEV International, Patricia worked in investment banking, management consulting and corporate social responsibility at the Environmental Financial Consulting Group (EFCG), a specialty advisory firm to the infrastructure sector and engineering sector. While at EFCG, Patricia led the development of new business analysis tools to compare and learn from differing management, compensation, and social practices in the sector.

Patricia received her B.A. in Environmental Science from Columbia University, and her Masters in Business Administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business and INCAE- Costa Rica. Her MBA studies focused on Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing, Global Business and Corporate BoP Strategy.

Senior Staff

Carlos Fernandez

Cinthya Pajares

Patrick Watson

John Barnett

Board of Advisors

Alex Marquez
I-DEV Special Advisor – Brand Strategy, Marketing & Innovation
Founder, PropellerFish

James (Jim) A. Baker
Baker Communications

Adnan Chaudhry

Fariah Hafiz-Feinstein
J.P. Morgan Investment Bank


Eric Naranjo

Tom Neumann

Kevin Yu
Atmos Energy