Green Mountain Global Supply Chain Quality & Transparency Program

Project Description

Improving Green Mountain Coffee’s Global Supply Chain Quality Control & Transparency Program

I-DEV was hired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), the World’s largest fair trade company, to develop and help launch a new global supply chain quality and transparency program. I-DEV worked closely with GMCR’s specialty coffee team to create and pilot a program that would improve operating efficiency and profitability throughout GMCR’s specialty coffee supply chain, increase transparency and traceability, create significant impact for the 150,000+ farmers that GMCR sources from, and generate a positive ROI for the firm.

Initial focus of the program has been in Nicaragua and Peru with plans for additional expansion. I-DEV’s analysis and recommendations helped GMCR demonstrate to headquarters that its close engagement with suppliers created additional value and reduced supply chains risks, associated with quality control, producer loyalty and transparency issues commonly found in similar supply chains.