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“At I-DEV, we aim to achieve True Sustainability, in which “underserved” populations have adequate resources at their disposal, and are empowered to effectively use those resources to permanently improve the standard of living for their families, their communities , and their country.”
-Jason Spindler, Managing Director

We envision a world that no longer needs international assistance. Where communities in developing countries have the skills, resources, and capabilities to compete, independently, in the global marketplace, and thus control their own futures. I-Dev’s mission, to improve the standard of living & empower local communities through sustainable, market-based development, is guided by that vision.


Grow the Base of the Pyramid

Expand the purchasing power and improve the standard of living at the Base of the Pyramid by fostering entrepreneurship and economic development.

Access BoP Markets

Help multi-national corporations access Base-of-the-Pyramid markets as customers & suppliers.

Build Sustainable Partnerships

Redefine the relationship between corporations and developing communities through mutually beneficial, market-based partnerships.