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I-DEV’s 3 Step Process


I-DEV’s 3 Step Process

I-DEV’s proprietary 3 step process establishes a clear road map for identifying, designing and building viable market-based businesses at the base of the pyramid.  This hands-on, operations-based approach begins with I-DEV’s in-country team, who manage every step of the development process, from Insight to Implementation.

1. Insight (n.) – “A clear and deep understanding of a complicated problem or situation”

Insight is a matter of perspective. You may have the right information, but do you have the right perspective to develop the best solution?  I-DEV’s unique vantage point between developed and developing, big business and grassroots, enables us to see opportunities that are otherwise overlooked.

I-DEV’s development process begins with Insight, gathering and analyzing the right information, whether that be market data, resource and industry analytics, best practices analysis, or field data from focus groups, and drawing the right conclusions from that information.

2. Innovation (v.) – “The introduction of a new idea, method or device”

Converting Insight into actionable, market-based business opportunities.

I-DEV’s process of Innovation goes beyond the introduction of new ideas. It involves developing a method, a plan, for successfully turning those ideas into reality.  I-DEV’s team works with entrepreneurs from the local community and experts from around the world to develop full actionable business/ project plans complete with detailed financial analysis, market studies, management & implementation strategies, potential strategic partnerships, and return on investment analysis.

3. Implementation (v.) – “To put a plan or system into operation”

International development projects are not like traditional consulting engagements; the grassroots implementation phase is far more critical to success. Nothing ever goes as planned and any strategy must be adjusted to the changing realities on the ground. Many perfectly planned projects fail due to poor implementation.

I-Dev distinguishes itself through its field-based approach on every engagement.   Unlike many global organizations that subcontract the implementation phase to local parties, divorcing the planning and design from implementation, I-DEV’s team is on-the-ground managing every aspect of implementation to ensure successful execution.  We link our compensation to it.