Qué Hacemos

With over 4 billion people, the emerging markets represent the largest business and investment opportunity in the world.

I-DEV is a leading business strategy & investment advisory firm specializing in those markets. We help global corporations, investors and SMEs in emerging markets do business together via profitable, high-impact partnerships.

We do this through our two key business units:

Nuestros Grupos:

  • El Grupo Insight & Strategy provee consultoría en gestión y estrategia de negocio para empresas y cadenas de valor que operan en mercados emergentes - desde corporaciones globales hasta pequeños productores.

  • El Grupo Investment Advisory se especializa en facilitar y estructurar deuda, acciones, e inversiones híbridas para la compra y venta de empresas en mercados emergentes.

Creamos valor para nuestros clientes por:

  • Un equipo diverso de profesionales en finanzas y estrategia capacitados para identificar retos y encontrar soluciones únicas para negocios que operan en mercados emergentes

  • Our unique approach to problem solving and strategy development that adapts global best practices to local context.

  • Our global reach matched with our established on-the-ground presence and deep local relationships throughout LatAm, Africa, Asia, and South Asia.

  • Our network of over 80 impact & emerging markets investors with more than US$10 billion in combined investable capital to finance emerging markets enterprises.

  • Our proven track record operating in and advising clients on business strategy, operations and investments in over 30 countries on 5 continents.