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En I-DEV, buscamos contratar y entrenar a los líderes globales de los próximos mercados emergentes enfocados en soluciones empresariales de alto impacto y alto crecimiento, y compartir conocimientos críticos desarrollados a través de nuestro trabajo.

Buscamos viajeros del mundo, aventureros y actores del “cambio de juego” que crean que todo es posible y que todo se puede hacer realidad—a través de una combinación de creatividad y análisis crítico. Nuestros equipos son reducidos, pero sin temor a superar e ir más lejos o ensuciarnos las manos para descubrir las mejores soluciones para nuestros clientes.

Mientras que I-DEV trabaja a través de varios sectores, las áreas claves de enfoque incluyen energía limpia, agricultura sostenible, CPG/FMCG, y otras tecnologías como las móviles.





Programa de Becarios Asociados
Los Becarios Asociados actúan como Asociados de tiempo completo durante un periodo de 6 meses, que ofrece entrenamiento de inmersión y experiencia directa con proyectos para antiguos consultores, banqueros, o estrategas que buscan ganar experiencia en inversión de impacto, PyMEs y desarrollo del sector. Esta beca es ideal para aquellos que están planeando seguir estudios de posgrado o se encuentran en transición a otra carrera; o para aquellos que planean cambiar de su trabajo actual. Mínimo 2 años de experiencia en consultoría/estrategia o inversión.


Preguntas Frequentes (en inglés)

What skills or general qualifications does I-DEV seek?
I-DEV looks to hire experienced and young professionals from backgrounds in finance, investment, consulting, accounting and business management. Analysts must have a minimum of 1-year full-time experience in one of these fields, then Associates and above must have 2 years or more years of previous full-time experience. Progress toward CFA, an MBA or other similar qualifications is also highly regarded. Most of I-DEV’s Investment Advisory Group is in the process of or has obtained a CFA.

Beyond general skills, we seek candidates who will enthusiastically embrace and strive to live by our core values. Core values are always a work in progress, and I-DEV is still working toward fully achieving them as an organization. But here are a few to be aware of. If you think these values fit with yours, then we encourage you to apply to join us!

A Few of I-DEV’s Core Values:

  • Think Big & Bold. Always question the norm, dream big and execute bigger!
  • Stay Curious & Inspire Curiosity in Others. Listen, observe and learn – and share your knowledge with others.
  • Be Adventurous, Passionate & Persistent. Always explore, learn and speak up if you have a better solution. Lead with passion and conviction, and by example, inspire others to be an agent of change.
  • Strive for Excellence & Results (Not Reports). We are committed to uncovering, developing and delivering the best solutions founded on practical, actionable strategies.
What can I expect if I join I-DEV?
I-DEV is a fast-paced entrepreneurial organization. Analysts to Associate Partners will be staffed on multiple live engagements at any given time. For each engagement, you can expect to work in a team of 2-4 with a Senior Associate, Associate Partner or Partner overseeing each project. I-DEV has 3 global offices, and often teams collaborate across these offices on global consulting engagements and investment advisory assignments. Therefore, most staff will be expected to join an occasional early am or late night call to sync across time zones. I-DEV also conducts monthly global team calls to share lessons learned, successes and other announcements across all 3 offices.

Also, I-DEV is committed to investing in its employees! We want to see you thrive and embrace our core values – some of which were included above. What that means is we’ll push you – to strengthen existing skills, think bigger and develop new valuable skills and knowledge! For example, we actively encourage everyone on our team, from Analysts to Associates and Senior Associates, to lead workshops, speak on panels and lead new business development conversations.
What are the opportunities for career progression at I-DEV?
At I-DEV, we focus on building long-term relationships and careers! We are committed to investing in training and mentoring each of our employees, to make sure they are constantly strengthening their skills, developing new ones, and moving toward professional goals. With the exception of our Fellows program (6-month), we hope our employees will stay with us for at least 2 years. While everyone’s objectives and progression are different, we generally say that Analysts expect to be promoted to 1st Year Associates after 2-3 years. Associates will rise to be Senior Associates after 2-3 years, and after demonstrating their ability to consistently manage assignments and increasing responsibility. Senior Associates can also be promoted to Associate Partners once they demonstrate the ability to manage larger and more complex strategy and/or investment advisory engagements. Where possible, we seek to promote internally, as those who have been with us longer already know how we operate, our culture and the standards expected.
What is the interview process?
Once you submit your application, and we decide you might be a good fit, you will receive an e-mail invitation to interview – in person or via phone or Skype. You will typically hear from us within 1-3 weeks after you apply, depending on our recruiting cycle and time sensitivity. You can expect to participate in at least 3 rounds of interviews with I-DEV that will test you on general fit, critical thinking, and technical skills (basic skills such as excel and powerpoint to financial and strategic thinking). Interview rounds will also include verbal and written case assignments. Candidates interviewing for the Investment Advisory Group should expect additional testing on financial modeling, valuation and other finance/investment knowledge. Candidates interviewing for the Insight & Strategy Group should expect additional testing on strategic thinking and approach to problem solving.
What would I be doing at I-DEV? What might be a typical week?
There is no typical week at I-DEV, and everyone's schedule varies based on active assignments. However, here are some examples: An associate working on a strategy engagement advising the World Bank on market-based interventions for clean energy in East Africa's refugee camps would be in the office one week, to brainstorm and review existing research, then traveling to the camps to conduct in-field research, run focus groups and engage with key stakeholders. Meanwhile, an associate engaged on an Investment Advisory assignment such as due diligence, would spend a week in the office reviewing financials and reports and interviewing key management, then traveling to conduct site visits and similar focus groups or interviews with key stakeholders. Senior Associates and Associate Partners will also be involved in similar activities, in addition to more client relationship management and business development roles. These individuals will also play a greater leadership role in managing teams, and guiding overall strategy development for engagements- ensuring that teams are uncovering the best solutions for our clients.
I am interested to work across I-DEV’s different regional offices. Am I able to do that?
Yes! We love to send our staff to other offices and to new countries to build up and share insights across regions. In the last 7 years, I-DEV has sent its team to 45 countries to support clients! We also will do our best to place you in another I-DEV office when the right opportunity presents itself!