Supply Chain & Impact Strategy – Nature's Pride

Project Description

Supply Chain & Impact Strategy – Nature’s Pride

Nature’s Pride is a European “Fair-for-Life” (FFL) certified company that distributes premium, ready-to-eat exotic produce sourced from smallholder farmers around the world. The company is committed to creating sustainable impact along its value chain by investing the “Fair-for-Life” premiums- similar to Fair Trade premiums- to create impact for its suppliers. I-DEV was engaged to analyze the operations and potential for impact for Nature’s Pride’s leading global supplier, a Peruvian mango and avocado producer. Analysis included on-site workshops with management, detailed review of internal processes, and focus groups with low-income stakeholders (farmers, factory workers). Through these activities, I-DEV identified critical pain points and risks to the the business as well as key social needs of beneficiary groups. I-DEV recommended that Nature’s Pride move toward a systematic and program-based approach to creating impact, which analyzed return on investment for FFL funds across relevant impact parameters. I-DEV suggested programs that would increase producer loyalty and transparency with their buyers, Nature’s Pride, and would result in more efficient use of management time and reduced operating costs.