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Project Profiles

Focus on Sustainable Impact

“I-DEV International is focused on impact and results. We evaluate each one of our engagements as any for-profit investment firm would, based on Return on Investment for both the community and our corporate clients. We even tie our compensation to it.”

Patricia Chin-Sweeney,
Africa Director

I-DEV International is a management strategy firm and impact investment bank that specializes in building competitive, viable inclusive businesses at the base of the pyramid.  I-DEV’s unique model focuses on offering a full range of in-house services, from INSIGHT into current operations and market opportunity to INVESTMENT strategy and sourcing for base of the pyramid SMEs seeking capital to grow.

Project Highlights:

Associacion de Productores de Tara de San Marcos Cajamarca
Type: Capacity Building & Capital Raise

I-DEV has advised the Asociación de Productores de Tara de San Marcos (APT), a farmers cooperative in Northern Perú, since its inception in 2008 to build the leading global tara supplier in the world.  Through extensive management training and development of a strong foundational structure, I-DEV helped APT to generate nearly $3 million in revenue in 4 years and stimulated the growth of a $30 million region-wide tara industry.  The result was increased average household income for 6,000 local farmers from $0.85 to $3.88 per day.  I-DEV continues to work with the small farmers’ cooperative, advising on its national expansion strategy and management capacity building as it seeks to merge with 6 other tara associations, which has the potential to create a US$10 million organization. Read the Project Tara Cajamarca Case Study.

lient: Bernard Van Leer Foundation
Strategic Planning/ Fund Design and Structuring

I-DEV was hired by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation (BVLF), a Netherlands-based organization, to conduct a 360 degree mapping of the SME and social enterprise landscape in Peru.  I-DEV was asked to assess the appropriateness of launching a social impact investment fund to support the growth of businesses that have long-term, sustainable impact (direct or indirect) on the lives of children under the age of 8.  Scope of the project also included identification of future partners and in-depth recommendations on fund design and structure, such as size of investments, investment criteria, and other terms.

Inter-American Development Bank
Type: Strategic Advisory & Program Review

I-DEV was hired by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to assess their Corporate Solutions to Poverty initiative investment in a microfinance program implemented by Fincomun and Grupo Bimbo.  Grupo Bimbo, one of the world’s largest multi-national bakeries, and FinComun, one of Mexico’s largest microfinance institutions, formed a partnership franchise model to scale FinComun’s microfinance services throughout Bimbo’s small store based retailer supply chain throughout Mexico.  IDB funded the project’s expansion.  I-DEV was hired by IDB, FinComun and Bimbo to conduct a 360 degree analysis and evaluation of the challenges and issues that impacted the programs outcomes.  Analysis included extensive interviews with key parties involved to develop a “lessons learned” tool kit that can be used to guide IDB  global staff on future programming between corporations and NGOs/development organizations.

Water for People
Type: Capacity Building, Strategic Advisory, and Market Assessment

I-DEV was hired by Water For People (WFP), a global water and sanitation NGO, to review & provide advice on improving as well as accelerating WFP Malawi’s program to develop market-based sanitation businesses in the peri-urban areas of Malawi.   Financed by a Gates Foundation grant, the program, Sanitation As A Business, was designed to support the development of a global ecosystem of sanitation-focused SMEs. I-DEV worked with leading national entrepreneurs and the WFP Malawi team to analyze various business models and roll out strategies that would lead to the development of a highly-scalable, market based solutions to address nationwide peri-urban sanitation challenges. I-DEV’s work included a “big picture” assessment of the local business environment, analysis of the target low-income markets, community interviews, financial model development and development of go-to-market and launch strategy for each alternative business model. See an overview of our work here.

Grassroots Business Fund, Latco International
Type:  Market Assessment, Strategic Advisory

I-DEV was hired by Grassroots Business Fund and their portfolio company, Latco International, the largest distributor of organic sesame seed in Bolivia, to conduct an in-depth market analysis of value-added sesame products including sesame oil, tahini or sesame butter, and flour in U.S. and European markets.  I-DEV conducted over 200 interviews of key organizations along the sesame value chain to understand production, distribution channels, key actors and pricing margins for organic and natural sesame products.  The final report included strategic recommendations on market entry and penetration, products and geographic markets to pursue, as well as appropriate timing, packaging and interested potential buyers.

Villa Andina
Type: Financial Strategy Development & Capital Raise

In 3 years, Villa Andina has become the largest processor and exporter of organic aguaymanto, an indigenous Andean variety of tomatillo in Peru, with a network of over 500 indigenous small farmers, through which it purchases aguaymanto and other indigenous products. Villa Andina came to I-DEV seeking US$400,000 in expansion capital to build a new processing plant, grow operations and provide working capital.  After careful financial and operational analysis, I-DEV helped Villa Andina develop an appropriate financial strategy and approach investors. In the end the debt investment from Grassroots Business Fund was nearly double the amount initial sought and included an additional grant for TA funding from the investor. I-DEV guided Villa Andina’s management through the entire due diligence and investment process providing critical advice on each step of the way and the post-transaction, value of shares to the founders increased by 147%.

ForesTrade, World Business Capital
Type: Strategic Advisory & Restructuring

I-DEV was hired by ForesTrade’s senior management and the company’s lead investor, World Business Capital (WBC), to do a comprehensive review of ForesTrade’s global operations and supply chain for FairTrade/Organic coffee and spices, and to redesign the business’ global operations, and financial management strategy.  I-DEV was asked to advise on how to restructure the corporate (U.S.) and local, in-country operations in order to restore the company’s profitability and sustainability. I-DEV conducted a month-long, in-field analysis of the company’s supply chain from the cooperative and individual farmer level to the corporate level.  The assignment resulted in country-by-country and globally integrated financial models and in-depth strategic recommendations on restructuring operations to sustain and re-align the business with core objectives.